Mowing Services

Residential and Commercial Mowing

Our team uses top quality commercial mowers, blowers, and string trimmers to provide you with a quick cut, leaving your lawn looking beautiful. We can set you up for weekly or bi-weekly mowing service that will allow you to occupy your time with whatever you like. Leave your mowing to us, we enjoy it!

On-Demand Mowing

We recognize that life happens and even the most enthusiastic self-mower just can’t get to it. As such, we offer On Demand Mowing. On-Demand Mowing is just what it sounds like, simply contact us above, let us know when you’ll need to receive service, and we’ll take it from there. Hopefully, you’ll be receiving notification of your lawn being completed while you’re sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere.

Leaf to Street Service

During the Fall leaf season, we are happy to offer our Leaf to Street Service. This service is offered in any Dayton region community that provides curbside leaf collection. This service offers a particular value over many leaf removal services as the leaves do not have to be moved to a secondary location.

Core Aeration

Most people know that core aeration is vitally important to maintaining a healthy thick lawn. Most people don’t know that this service can be provided in the Fall or the Spring. Coupled with grass over-seeding, watch your lawn return to being the envy of the neighborhood. A denser thicker lawn is more resistant to weeds, and simply all around more enjoyable to the homeowner.

Lawn Overseeding

Lawn overseeding is the perfect followup to core aeration for the health of your lawn. The seed, oxygen, and water are able to take effect down in the plug holes, leading to a deeper grass root system. Deeper roots means healthier grass. Healthier grass gives you that thick, deep green growth that we are all looking for.

Pressure Washing

Over time, dirt, algae, and grime build up on your concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks. Often, you don’t even notice it’s happened, but when we power wash away those years of build-up, you’ll celebrate. Power washing is a great way to both increase the lifespan of these surfaces, and truly enjoy the curb appeal of the fresh, clean results. Couple your pressure wash with a house wash service and be the talk of the block.

House Washing

Many folks wonder what the difference is between power washing and house washing. Turn someone loose on your house with a 3,000psi pressure washer and you’ll find out pretty quickly, there’s a huge difference. It comes down to technique. If someone doesn’t know the best methods for house wash, they can cause costly damage to your property. We employ a soft wash technique that allows us to effectively wash your home without the use of high pressures, dangerous ladders, or setting foot on your roof. Instantly beautify your home with a house wash this week!